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Chaos On Serenity

Daisy Jean's Personal Blog

Hi, I am Daisy Jean,  a professional free-lance writer who homesteads, homeschools, and makes soap. Lots of soap.
I live with my family deep in the woods on a little piece of land we call Serenity
I started Chaos on Serenity to document my family's extreme homesteading journey while sharing practical (sometimes ridiculous) homesteading tips and DIY craft and soap tutorials.

Since I am prone to musing over matters of the mind and heart,  I also offer plenty of opinions on spirituality, ethics, relationships, and my personal favorite, alien conspiracies.

I hope by sharing my life with you in an honest, slightly self-depracating way, I can be an inspiration to those who are looking to live a little less normally.  If there is something in your life you need to give up, a job, a car payment, running water, I am here to say "Go for it!".  Just remember, when you go looking for serenity, chaos has a way to find you.  Now go make some soap.